do not falter

Korra has been through about 10 times the amount of shit Aang went through and my heart is breaking

I fucking hated high school and never went 

and I actually like college but the thing is

I still never go

and unfortunately that was much easier to pull off in high school


on a scale of guardians of the galaxy to little shop of horrors how nice is ur plant character

Twelfth Night ended last night :( I’m so sad but also soooo relieved. I need some time to focus on school.

We had a cast party and it was awesome but also incredibly overwhelming. I had a little anxiety attack. Two of the guys were being super affectionate to me and that’s fine, everyone on the cast is super close with one another, but they were both being a little extra grabby (like pulling me onto their laps and such) and I started feeling really weird about it and had to remove myself from the situation for a bit.

And of course that’s when I found out one of the girls was really sick and throwing up in my tub. I tried to rinse it out but it wouldn’t drain. That’s when I started feeling really panicked. I wound up going into the other bathroom and making myself sick. I really don’t think it was from the alcohol because I did not drink that much for me. I was just really overwhelmed and couldn’t handle that situation.

Thankfully is have really great friends that did handle it. The vomit was cleaned and the rest of the party dispersed and my roommate cleaned the apartment. Thankfully because I woke up vomiting.

T Good Good double fisting

T Good Good double fisting

There’s nothing worse than having to poop when you have to be somewhere soon

I wish I felt comfortable wearing this much eye makeup all the time my eyes look enormous today

I wish I felt comfortable wearing this much eye makeup all the time my eyes look enormous today

I found a friend

I found a friend

did all my work for my class last night but managed to sleep through all of my alarms

now I have to go get ready for tonights show but I’m still sooo tired

I love performing, i’ve always enjoyed acting, but I cannot wait for Twelfth Night to be over because it’s completely eating up all of my time and my gpa is suffering

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